Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Operatic crime!

Brunetti returns again in the latest in the series set in Venice. Donna Leon combines the Ventian setting, opera and crime in a wonderful and dramatic way. Flavia Petrelli, who has been seen in previous titles,  now a world renowned opera star, returns to Venice  to sing in Tosca but a series of events combine to frighten her and she turns to Commisario Brunetti for help. Brunetti thinks it is an over-enthusiastic fan but when a young girl is attacked and an old friend of both Flavia & Brunetti almost killed. Guido looks at the case again.

Donna Leon captures Venice in all its architectural glory but there is also a sinister edge to the canals. The wonderful character of Signora Elettra who always finds a way to round an obstacle be it a procedure, IT system or a senior officer whilst all the time exuding that quintessential Italian glamour,  adds to the storytelling of this beautifully crafted novel.

There is a strong sense of family in the Brunetti novels with Guido's wife Paola and their children re-appearing again and as usual there is the obligatory family meal or two! The family life is a good counterpoint to the machinations of the Italian policing and political system. Paola's aristocratic parents also make an appearance this time. Family is important in Italian life and Leon is keen to stress this, Guido's life is a counterbalanced with Flavia's more frenetic and slightly chaotic existence as an opera diva.

A wonderful novel that you can slip into and really get the sence of Venice and the ending like the opera is dramatic!

I received this titles free form Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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