Monday, 20 July 2015


Something to Hide by Deborah Moggach explores the theme of betrayal in its many forms: adultery, friendship, trust, hope.

Petra & Bev have been friends since their youth in London. Bev's annual round robins of life with her husband Jeremy in exotic parts of the world have been winging their way into Petra's life for years - but is everything Bev writes to be trusted?

Lorrie is married to her soldier husband in Texas with two children, battling obesity, loneliness and
wanting that perfect dream home; she falls for one of the oldest tricks in the online world and tries to achieve her dream through one last desperate throw of the dice. Is she prepared to risk her marriage?

Jing is married in China but how much does she really know about the r husband and where his money comes from.

The lives of these disparate people from across the globe are woven together by fate and technology,

Petra & Bev's story is explored in greater depth, whilst that of Jing and Lorrie felt like an add-on although Jing's husband is caught up in Jeremy's life whose death has consequences for all these characters. Some of the aspects of the story stretched credibility and seemed too contrived to be believed - they were simply there to move the story on our illustrate a point.

I don't believe this is one of the author's best novels but would be a good novel for discussion in a book group due to its themes, setting and depiction of life

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