Friday, 8 August 2014

Apple & Rain by Sarah Crossan

Sarah Crossan's beautiful story of love, family and realising that that the fantasy you  have about your parents may not always live up to your expectations.

Apple's mother left her as a toddler, with her grandmother and went off to find herself and become an actress. Apple fantasies about her mother's return and tries to buck against her grandmother's strict rules. One day her mother does return but there a plenty of surprises along the way for Apple and her grandmother, as they come to terms with her return, Apple ends up becoming the responsible one, trying to care for her mother, go to school and maintains her friendships. She begins to realise that adults may not have all the answers but have to do what they think is best - even if you don't think it is. through a creative writing task, apple begins to explore her family, relationships, identity and truth which gives her an insight into herself and those around her.

Crossan's story is beautifully written with believable characters who inspire a range of emotions including admiration and frustration. This comes highly recommended and would be a good Key Stage 3 read.

This would be a great book as class reader to discuss family, responsibility and growing up.

This book was provided free by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.