Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Riot by Sarah Mussi

I have to admit this book grabbed me from the opening pages and I raced through it! It was a thoroughly enjoyable, fast paced read which challenges you to think as well.
Set in a present day Britain similar enough to ours to be recognisable but with a darker and more dystopian slant. The government has decided to introduce a new law that all school leavers will be forcibly sterilised as soon as they leave school if they are not going into education or employment. The country is seemingly overpopulated and the welfare budget is spiralling out of control.
The country is on the march as more and more people take to the streets to protest against this and as the marches spread so does the violence. In light of this martial law is on the point of being declared. In this midst of this is Tia organising the marches from the deep web and trying to stop the outbreaks of violence.
During one particular violent march things take a turn for the worse and Tia finds herself injured and relying on Cobain, who seems to be a the root of the violence.
Over the space of a few days and before the new law can be introduced these two try to stop the law and find out who is behind the violence.
With echoes of Nazi Germany and the popular dystopian novels this book is an easy but thought provoking read and is highly recommended.
How far would you go for your rights?

This book was given free by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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