Monday, 31 March 2014

The Worst Girlfriend in the World

The latest title from Sarra Manning is about Franny & Alice, friends through thick and thin and now about to be separated for the first time, as Alice stays on at school to do A Levels and Franny goes to College to study Fashion. The two girls could not be more different with Franny appearing to be shy and quiet next to her more outgoing friend who has the reputation for being 'the worst girlfriend in the world' in their small town for her love 'em and leave 'em attitude to boys. Franny is finding life difficult: her mother is sick, her father is on the road all the time and both sisters have left her to cope with their mother. Going to College proves to be an eye-opener for Franny and she gradually starts to come out of her shell. This leads to Alice becoming jealous of Franny's new found confidence and sets her sights on the boy Franny has had a crush on for years. Will the two best friends fall out and become enemies ....over a boy!
The story is somewhat predictable but Sarra Manning has created believable characters and a well-plotted story. This will appeal to her many fans as her story moves along at a fair pace and has many comic as well as a few darker moments. A good read!

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